All of our hounds are lucky to be loved and wanted but some beagles are not so lucky. Please consider giving a home to an unwanted beagle and visit   to see how to adopt one of them.

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All our beagles are clear for MLS and NCCD and are tested for Factor VII deficiency.

Tony aka Molesend Kaftan

CC (WBC under breed specialist Jeff May)
RCC (BCNI under breed specialist Jen Davies)
BIS Scottish Beagle Club Open (Dick Morrison)
BIS Beagle Assoc Open
(Beryl Conway)
RCC Bournemouth
 (under breed specialist
Marion Hunt)
RCC City of Birmingham
(Colin Lomax)
CC BCNI (Marion Hunt)

 by Photocall

 have launched the new health website . Rather than being linked to someone specific and people having to find it now if they search beagle health they will get general beagle health type things. Also general health things.

The Beagle Welfare Scheme Join me in supporting The Beagle Welfare Scheme on JustGiving. Beagle Welfare is the national re-homing and advice charity for the breed. Since 1979, it's volunteers have helped thousands of Beagles and their owners. It relies entirely on donations and fundraising to finance the vital work it does for this wonderful (but sometimes challenging!) breed.

We have an 11 month old tricolour dog available to a pet home

Secret and Rumour relax at home

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