The Perdack pack has sadly diminished over the years and now there are only four dachshund members. Three longhaired dachshunds,  Bracken  , Michael  , Thomas  and Oliver a mini long.

In August 2014 we were joined by a beautiful 6 month old Whippet girl, Sky who is proving to be a good running mate for speedy Oliver. More to come as we get to know her

The pack share their home in Burnley, Lancashire with Kay who still likes to think she is pack leader. It falls on her to provide for their every need and in return they give her their unconditional love.

Burnley is a former mill town with a history of coal mining.
We live near the Leeds and Liverpool canal which flows through the town. There is an abundance of wildlife to be found in the area and the canal towpath is a wonderful place for daily walks.

Burnley is surrounded by countryside and moorland and we are only a short drive away from Bronte country and the Yorkshire Dales.

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