1971 - 1985

Heidi was my first Dachshund. When I first met her she was living in a concrete run at the puppy farm where she was born. She was a year old and thought to be barren.

It was mutual love at first sight and I persuaded her owners to sell her to me.

The first time I took Heidi for a walk on grass she stopped to sniff every blade of grass and every flower. The look on her face was of total amazement as she viewed for the first time a world beyond her concrete prison.

I was working for the National Canine Defence League at that time and lived in a caravan. This was nearly Heidi's undoing. On one occasion she climbed up and stole my antihistamine drops and poisoned herself. For three days she lapsed in and out of consciousness but in the end recovered fully.

On another occasion she climbed up onto the cooker and was found sitting in the middle of the frying pan washing the grease from her fur. Life with Heidi was never boring.

An accomplished escape artist we used to put Heidi in any new dog run to test if it was dog proof - if Heidi couldn't escape nothing would.

Heidi loved life and enjoyed all weather as can be seen in the pictures above. She was my constant companion for 14 years. When I spent 3 months in hospital she pined for me and gave me a reason to fight my way back to health. I owe this little dog so much. If only dogs lived longer lives, I would want Heidi to live for ever.