Frankie came to live with us early in 2001. She was a rescue dog aged 61/2. I discovered she was a great granddaughter of my old dog George so of course she had to stay here with us. We bonded immediately which was a good thing as within a week she was paralysed, the result of a prolapsed disk in her neck.

Thanks to the efforts and medical treatment from our vets and Frankie's own determination to walk again we embarked on the long path back to health. For the first 6 weeks she lived in an indoor kennel only going out four times a day for toilet. Then her rehabilitation and physiotherapy started.

Using a Mikki dog walker that supported her hind legs we gradually got her walking again. A set back nearly occurred when she scraped her hind nails as she walked making them bleed. The solution lay in applying several coats of nail varnish with hardener to her nails each day, a practice we continued for several weeks to the amusement of friends but it worked and as her muscles developed and she got stronger she started walking normally again.

She got back to 85% fit, far more than we could have hoped for and  qualified as a PAT dog joining Edward and Jade in their weekly visits to a retirement home where they were firm favourites with the residents. She died on 9th October 2007.