1987 - 1994

When you look at these pictures you see a Yorkshire Terrier but Emma saw herself as a Dachshund. When she first arrived home weighing 8 ounces, she adopted George and Mandy as her parents. They were happy with their new daughter and looked out for her all her life.

The most Emma ever weighed was 4.5 pounds. She always went to George and Mandy to be washed and for comfort. If she was outside on a wet day she would jump on George's back to keep her feet warm and dry. In the house she would sleep on a dachshund's back or curled up on my shoulder.

If Emma saw a reflection of herself she would growl at it. If she met another Yorkie she ignored it but all dachshunds were family and her friends. She had the perfect Dachshund temperament. Her fan club was vast, she endeared herself to everyone she met.

Sadly aged 4, Emma started with stomach ulcers and although we were able to control the problem with drugs and diet there came a day in 1994 when the treatment no longer worked and the decision had to me made to let Emma go. She is the only Yorkie I have ever shared my life with. If I could find another like Emma I would be tempted but I truly believe Emma was unique and knowing her was a privilage.