Frankanwen Daisy May

1985 - 1987

Daisy May was a wonderful girl. She enjoyed being shown and when the time came for her to have puppies I thought it would be straightforward.

Sadly she only had a single puppy and could not go into the second stage of labour. A decision was taken to perform a caesarian section and her daughter Annie was born.

Daisy appeared to come round after surgery then all of a sudden her heart stopped. In spite of every attemp to rescusitate her, it was not to be and after only 2 short years Daisy left us, leaving her daughter Annie behind.

It is easy to think retrospectively that if only we hadn't wanted her to have puppies......

Her death stopped me breeding dachsies for many years and I stopped showing too. It was a devastating loss and I miss her charm, her funny ways, her beauty.

These days my dogs are just pets. I am privilaged to share my life with these wonderful dogs and for me that is enough.