Perdack Precious Jewel

1994 - 1997

Angel was born with a twisted spine, a tail deformity and a body only half the length of her litter mates. By the time we realized the extent of her problems she was already displaying a wonderful personality and I decided to keep her in the knowledge that her life would be short because of her many problems.

This decision was proved right when she took on herself the role of Willow's nurse. Many times Willow would stop breathing during sleep and Angel would wake me in time to rouse Willow. The two dogs were usually found together.

When Jade returned to us Angel greeted her enthusiastically, please to be reunited with her litter sister.

Sadly Angel was taken ill a month after Willow's death and her heart could not cope with the strain and she joined her best pal at Rainbow Bridge. I still miss her quiet charm and her ability to make me laugh.